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The Billingham Forum TFM Radio Ice Arena is now open!

The ice arena has been rejuvenated with a new ice pad and the spectator area, toilets, skate hire distribution point and changing facilities have also been upgraded.


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Important information: Due to the popularity of the following sessions - Friday night, Saturday and Sunday public sessions at present we are periodically reaching maximum capacity.  There are other sessions which are not reaching our maximum capacity which may allow you to have your Skating experience these being Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  Whilst we are unable to predict demand for Skating at the Centre we hope that this helps you plan your Skating trip and ask that you bear with us at this busy time.   Whilst we advise people to turn up early to queue for sessions we cannot always guarantee entry to the Ice Arena.

Check our Junior Admissions Policy here


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